Studying for the USA Hockey Level 3 Referee Exam?

The USA Hockey level 3 referee exam is more difficult than most will lead on. The structure of the test can be somewhat tricky. If you are looking to take the USA Hockey level 3 hockey referee exam you most likely already know that as a hockey referee you have multiple options when it comes to penalties and a lot of it comes down to judgement. That makes it difficult when it comes down to 3 or 4 options on the exam and you must choose just one. Often times more than one answer will appear to be the correct answer, however the USA Hockey level 3 referee exam is looking for the best answer. While the test is difficult, but it is actually a very well written test. The test questions, while at first glance my seem silly or irrelevant to a “typical” ice hockey game. You must remember that if you are taking the USA Hockey level 3 referee exam you are most likely not in for anything, but a “typical” ice hockey game. at this level you are a leader in the hockey officiating community and your knowledge of the game should reflect that. If you are taking the USA Hockey level 3 referee exam for the first time be sure to take a look at the below tips. You may also want to check out our paid course Hockey Ref Academy to brush up on those other skills to make sure you are at the top of your game come USA Hockey seminar time.


  1. ¬†Take the open book exam prior to sitting for USA Hockey Level 3 Referee Closed Book Exam. – The open book exam is a great warm up for the USA Hockey Level 3 Referee closed book exam. Go through the open book exam, and if you have any doubt on any of the questions be sure to look the questions up. Going through the rule book you will find yourself reading rules and refreshing on USA Hockey “language” that will be necessary to pass the USA Hockey level 3 referee closed book exam.
  2. Know your clock options - there is no easier way to lose major points on the USA Hockey level three referee exam than if you are incorrectly answering the clock questions. Know USA Hockey language and how the reference these questions. Sometimes just reading the question wrong will send you for a major loop.
  3. Know penalty options – Can you give a major penalty for boarding? or do you have to give the game misconduct with the major boarding call? Can you call a double minor penalty for roughing? Know these types of questions, there is usually a handful of them on the exam. A great resource (besides the rule book) is USA Hockey’s ask the official.

Master these three items and you will be set for the level 3 USA Hockey referee exam. Don’t wait until your USA Hockey seminar to cram for the test. Begin studying here and there in the off season and you will be all set!


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